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Gold Thunder – Tony Newton:

Legendary Adventures of a Motown

Gold Thunder deals with Newton’s everyday challenges as a young musician challenging the massive competition to become a Motown bassist and keep his sanity as a 16 year old kid musician in a world of highly critical and older, more experienced players, coming from all around the country to play in Detroit, music city. Gold Thunder’s beginning is set in Detroit Michigan during the 60’s and 70’s, during the revival of music’s most infectious expansion. The story also includes highlights of Newton’s experiences while playing numerous with Motown and Blues stars, including John Lee Hooker, Smokey Robinson and the Miracles, Stevie Wonder, The Temptations, 4 Tops, Marvin Gaye, Diane Ross and the Supremes, Martha and the Vandellas and others. Gold Thunder deals with a young, cocky kid trying to fight his way through and into the music business from playing in a bedroom, playing to records to playing around the world.

Gold Thunder additionally features times throughout Newton’s career as a musician-artist-composer in various music groups and historical recordings with The Eighth Day, Tony Williams Lifetime, G-Force with Gary Moore and up to the present 2011 with his emerging current, innovative group, TNT Xtreme, and music recordings from the Thunderfunkfusion” project. NEWTON Quotes from book: This story is about my personal quest for Gold as a musician to the stars. My journey led me to many well-springs of shiny Gold by performing on many Gold and Platinum recordings and performing live concert tours for many years with Gold and Platinum recording artists. The ride has not been an easy one, it has been filled with plenty of heartache, financial un-compensation, disrespect, mental and emotional anxiety, depression for some and other negative energies that make the path quiet challenging if you want to still live a reasonable fulfilling life. On the other hand, there is no greater joy than doing what you most love, and were put here on Earth to do! The amount of profound and infinite joy and pure creative energy rush which you receive from performing music is pure heaven.

“Tony Newton, super genius, will go down in history as one of the most vital path-forgers of our era” …Music critic Randali of Mean Street Magazine.

Tony Newton has experience in certain areas that make it almost impossible to play anything else; and that anything else is what I didn’t want to hear anyway. He worked eight years with Motown, so he had to play a certain way. Like Allan Holdsworth, he not only plays long beautiful lines, but at the same time he plays very rhythmically. Some bass players are busy playing the bass as if it’s another guitar. That’s fine with me, except that it wasn’t what I wanted for the band..…Tony Williams

Architect of Fusion Brings The Edge To Extreme Music Minds! Legendary Musician-composer new Thunderfunkfusion project promises inspiring music frontiers for exploring music lovers. – Quantum Media Music


E-Book: 244 pages


Miraculous You: Divine Wholeness Meditation Attunement E-Book –

February 26, 2013
by Antonio Newton Msc.D. (Author)

“A Quantum Leap for Personal Development” “MIRACULOUS YOU” is a dynamic presentation of the revolutionary Divine Wholeness DNA meditation techniques. Based upon the simple principle that each of us has within our DNA a Divine source code and seed of Divinity from the universal creator/God, just as we have our father-mother-family code. Divine Wholeness gives us specific meditation techniques to access, attune, and develop a relationship with our Divine essence to enhance and enrich our lives. DWM is a simple, yet potent and powerful seven-phase, multi-level innovative meditation technique which carries you naturally through: spiritual, mental, emotional, physical, health, material, and financial dimensions to achieve and sustain harmony, balance, love, success, abundance and joy in one’s personal life.

“MIRACULOUS YOU” is both an introduction and guide into the multi-dimensional world of DWM and the unbounded richness, creativity and freedom that one can receive. Personal self-empowerment is the quest of this historical and powerful meditation technique discovery. Divine Wholeness meditation techniques were developed by creative visionary-music legend-humanitarian, Antonio Newton Msc.D., as an evolutionary path from his over 40 years of using various historical meditation techniques i.e. transcendental meditation (TM), yogic, psychological, spiritual and metaphysical studies and experiences comes a true quantum leap in personal development.

“DNA is the new spiritual frontier of the millennium. “ – Antonio Newton “

DW is total life enrichment and self-empowerment”

“Through meditation you awaken to your true nature and highest potentials.” The Dalai Lama


E-Book: 244 pages

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NOVAPHONICS – A Universal Harmony 

For A New Age

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Novaphonics: A Universal Harmony for a New Age (Volume 7) E-Book

November 28, 2012
by Antonio L Newton (Author)

NOVAPHONICS, A UNIVERSAL HARMONY FOR A NEW AGE – BOOK: 169 pages By Antonio Newton This exciting book presents all the details of Antonio Newton’s tremendous and innovative discovery, development, historical evolution, as well as mystical and metaphysical perspectives on the Novaphonic Q’ sound. It traces Newton’s first seed thought and creative process of the creative and application of this innovative discovery of the Novaphonic sound. Written for music lovers, listeners and musicians, the informative book is presented in easy to understand terms and paradigms.

This book now republished in original form after 26 years is a welcomed addition to music’s historical archives of knowledge, theory and performance. This re-published version is an exact duplicate of the original printing without any editing so as to retain its’ pure and untainted essence. The goal here is to present the original spirit of creativity, exploration and application of Newton. This book is actually a part of a 7 volume expose’ of the theory, composition, performance and history of this innovative and esoteric field of music study. Written by Newton in the 1980’s to document his findings and place into a comprehensive system of study for the serious musician-composer who wants to explore this evolutionary musical sound dimension and it’s wonders of new harmonic sound structures. – NOVAPHONIC MUSIC

Series: Novaphonics –
Paperback: 170 pages


Breathe For Life


The purpose of this book is to discuss and show the effects of breath control upon human states of consciousness. The general premise is that it has been shown through various brainwave technology (EEG) that while in certain states of consciousness, there are distinct and unique breathing patterns that are present, therefore this means that through specific voluntarily controlled breathing techniques, one may so to speak tune in to a level of consciousness.

l will present techniques of consciousness altering using the counting of breath pulses.

This book will introduce specific and unique techniques of Breath Pulse Meditation (BPM) and consciousness monitoring. The techniques are simple, expedient and can be used by anyone ranging from a child to an adult. The main benefit from Breath Pulse Techniques (BPT) is that it allows instantaneous access to deep levels of the mind so that we may either relax to program new information or meditate for renewed energy.

It also allows for quick access to altered states of consciousness without the need for pre psycho—physical conditioning. BPT approaches also are scientific in functioning seeking to remove all cultural, mystical and philosophical correlations as to create a universal, simple, scientific approach that puts us in touch with sources of energy, creativity and intelligence within us all.

ln this paper I will discuss the four states of consciousness, Delta, Theta, Alpha and Beta and their functioning as well as access to control through voluntary breathing control. Since all our activity is controlled by thought, we can improve the quality of activity through improving our quality of thought.

Studies clearly show that people who operate in the Alpha brainwave range at least once a day through a meditation or concentration technique which show dramatic increases in intelligence, growth rates and increased learning ability. This means for both the student, professional and everyday person improved performance and satisfaction along with increased vital breath through balanced mind and body functions.

The real benefit in the BPR approach is in the ability to reduce stress, create relaxation and get to the source of refined mental energy found at deeper mental states. When there is a free-flow of clear refined, energy, stress does not build blockages within the system and we become more successful in our life’s pursuits.

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