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Can you say “funk and Fusion” in the same sentence. Apparently so! Legendary multi-talented musician-composer Tony Newton describes this music presentation as: Motown meets Hendrix meets Miles. The Motown Funk and Jazz-Rock-Fusion master can speak from experience. Playing in the Motown family and the “Funk Brothers”, as well as being a founding architect of the Jazz-Rock-Fusion genre from his two year, two LP recording and touring stint with Miles Davis Drummer Tony Williams and the Lifetime. Newton skyrocketed the association to the cutting edge of the high-energy and passionate style writing the now classic compositions, “Snake Oil and Red Alert” on the CBS critically acclaimed “Believe It” offering and lead vocalizing the funky, “You Did It To Me Baby” on “Million Dollar Legs” the second project from these exceptional music artists. As a testament to the quality of these compositions, these recordings have become classics and are still selling strong today even after more than 25 years.

Newton a masterful Bassist-Keyboardist-Vocalist shows that he is fully in touch with his powers of musical expression, creating an astounding blend of delicate balances of deep, soulful Funk in combination with the high-energy power, and intensity of jazz-rock-fusion. Newton takes the genre to a new level of artistic creativity in contemporary music’s evolution forward. Folks, this is a true representation of genuine exceptional music expression.

Tony returns to his funk roots, however in quantum leaps, he forges ahead in fusion and composition with “Thunderfunkfusion”. Here he presents an eclectic and dynamic collection of Funk and Fusion based songs and instrumentals for your listening experience featuring the inimitable Newton sound, alive and well. Actually, you can hear influences of the Motown groove; the Jimmy Hendrix blues based rock, and the innovative Miles Davis, Tony Williams, jazz-rock-fusion components quite clearly. The musical result makes this album a very expressive, energetic and exceptional performance recording.

Tony, the “Groovemonster” himself, lays down soul stirring bass lines, heartfelt solos and melodies, and funky keyboard parts while belting out his own brand of “profound” and “fun” interpretive lyrics and vocal expression. The classics, “Snake Oil and Red Alert” are revisited with extended arrangements along with the extraordinary, “Mars Eclipse” a symphony from classical composer Gustav Holst’s “The Planets”, transcribed and arranged by Newton. Experience the multi-dimensional “Sun Love” Ballad’s beauty. Then take your joy higher. You will find your body moving and head nodding on the infectious, soulful funky dance songs, “Freedom to Funk,” “Everybody Get Funky,” and the other funk and rock “Feel Good” songs.

“Antonio (Tony) Newton, super genius, will go down in history as one of the most vital path-forgers of our era” …Music critic Randali of Mean Street Magazine.

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“Experience the transcendental sound of the Novaphonic Q’ harmony dimension”

Out of the treasured archives of the beautiful and mind expanding “Novaphonic Q’ Sound” comes a re-energized and re-mastered collection of solo piano works from master musician-composer Antonio Newton’s “Oracle”. Originally recorded ten years ago in 1992 in north Hollywood, California however never officially released comes this glorious presentation of Novaphonic, Quintal/Quartal profound piano performances and compositions from the creator and master himself. Originally released in limited edition on cassette tape, now can be experienced in full sonority, color and rich resonance of the Novaphonic sound through the wonder of digital audio.
Re-mastered in sound and dimension through the genius and pristine ears of audio engineering legend, Spike Marlin, these works can now be experienced in full enjoyment and rich, transcendental sound magic. These historical, innovative and monumental works were the first body of compositions for solo piano performance. It was Newton’s desire to show a multidimensional pallet of these transcendental harmonies which cover a wide pallet of Novaphonic sound color and emotional effectiveness.
The 13 compositions and performance presentation present a dynamic and passionate soundscape of esoteric contemporary expressions which take the listener on a unique and exquisite journey through innovative Quintal/Quartal harmonic dimensions of enlightening sound structures into mystical realms of expanded consciousness.

Novaphonic music is proud and honored to present this harmonic odyssey to listeners and lovers of music who want to explore new paths of musical and sonic revelations. To experience the Novaphonic sound is to be transported into another dimension of sound which Newton describes as the “Sound Temple of Quintessence,” and experience a transformation and expansion of higher consciousness where one can glimpse a view into their own potential. This is achieved through an abundance of synchronized sound, overtones which open and activate new brain synapses and profound sound shower to the nervous system in illuminating vibration and mystical light.
To possess this work of enlightening inspiration and passion is to possess a rare and treasure jewel which will give you abundant joy and personal evolution through sound for many years throughout your lifetime and into the future of light. – NOVAPHONIC MUSIC 2013

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The Summit Symphony by Antonio L. Newton

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The Faulkner Review:

Antonio L. Newton also known as Tony Newton is a music artist, composer and multi-instrumentalist with a career in the music industry that spans over thirty years. After being somewhat of a child prodigy playing in orchestras, it was as a virtuosic bass player that he played on many classic Motown recordings and can lay claim to playing on hits by Michael Jackson, Diana Ross & The Supremes and Stevie Wonder and others. If that isn’t impressive enough, he also acted as musical director to Smokey Robinson and in his youth was the prize student of his bass tutor, the legendary James Jamerson (himself a Motown recording staple). He can also lay claim to being one of the creators of the Jazz-Rock-Fusion genre with Miles Davis’ drummer in the Tony Williams Lifetime.

Since then he has developed his talents as a composer and even formulated his own acclaimed harmonic language which he calls ‘Novaphonic sound’ which is based on Quartal and quintal harmonics. This symphony contains seven movements of highly complex instrumentals that are orchestral in nature though electronically rendered rather than real orchestras and choirs.

The summit symphony also goes by the nickname of Evolution ‘because it represents the seven mystical levels of consciousness which humans and humanity personally evolve to reach their highest potential’. The music, in the composer’s own words, “The work is a blend of ‘pseudo-classical, contemporary and New Age’” Remarkably, this constitutes the World Premier release after more than 21 years sitting among several other Newton unreleased body of work(s).

First movement Hope shows Newton’s gift for orchestral writing, with interweaving parts interspersed with choral voices creating a rich sonic texture. The harmonies structures are complex and challenging, but the music retains a fundamental melodic core, never becoming atonal or dissonant (Newton uses the term ‘Transonant’). As it is through composed, meaning there is no repetition of material, the music is constantly morphing and evolving, which holds the interest throughout.

Second movement Communion is slower and more meditative in nature, just piano and strings. The dense chordal structures are a good example of Newton’s unique and highly original approach to harmony. There is as much influence from jazz as there is from classical here, and it brought to mind the contemplative moments of A Love Supreme by John Coltrane.

Confrontation, the third movement, is similar in its instrumentation to the first piece, opening with a fanfare type musical figure which becomes a leitmotif for the whole composition. While the method is very modern and highly original, the way the sense of tonality feels like it is constantly shifting under the feet brought to mind the late period works of Wagner, who also had his own radical ideas on harmony. This piece always held my attention despite its length and imposingly complicated structure. The instrumentation in this piece is notable for the lack of piano, which is an instrument Newton favours, being extremely accomplished, as evidenced by the number of solo works he has written for the piano.

My favourite piece on the album is the fourth movement, Communication. The music is darker and notably more intense than what has preceded it, with stormy cello lines predominating, bringing to mind the sturm und drung of Beethoven. The music is gripping throughout its almost eight minute duration as brass, strings and woodwind lines swirl and clash, leading to a tumultuous climax towards the end.

By contrast, the fifth movement Evolution is deeply tranquil with a highly mystical and ethereal feel, spectral-sounding synths melding with beautiful choral lines to create a unique soundscape. This is the closest to what would be termed New Age or ambient music; though the dense chordal clusters that emerge later in the piece reminds us this is still very much the same composer.

Illumination, the sixth movement, continues this other worldly sound world, wisps of delicate, icy synths drifting and morphing with spacey sound effects to create an unreal sense of dislocation. This is the most sparse, minimalistic piece on the album but is powerful in an understated way. The seventh final movement Affirmation is a return to the orchestral fanfare of earlier pieces, with a stirring sense of hope and achievement created by the pulsing string motifs and stabs of brilliant brass. It is a very uplifting ending and a suitable one for the album, the resolution of a spiritual and musical journey, and this track alone is an epic journey at twenty minutes long.

Overall, this is a very innovative and accomplished album, highly ambitious both artistically and musically, yet a fully realized vision. Not many composers can claim to have developed their own form, but not many are like Newton, who is also one of few who can lay claim to originality. The word artist is thrown about in the music industry so much that it has lost all meaning, but Antonio L. Newton is a good reminder on what an artist really is and this is a fine piece of musical art.

For those interested in learning more about this symphony, there is a booklet that comes with it containing not just information on the genesis and philosophical meaning of the work but also a selection of poems that are to be read in combination with listening to the symphony. These help to further elucidate the ideas behind the music as well as being part of the art work themselves. The booklet also contains detailed program and composer notes for the symphony (such as instrumentation used notable aspects of the compositional style of each movement) and a biography of Newton’s life thus far.

Alex Faulkner (The Faulkner Review)

QUANTUM MEDIA ARTS: The work summit symphony is scheduled for worldwide pre-release including a 2 day Global video-audio streaming event via Google Hangout with Newton as host. Get your personalized invitation, sound-bytes and other exclusive information by signing up on the Summit Symphony exclusive listener email list by emailing: with “Summit Symphony” in the subject field.

The Summit is an affirmation of the soul’s journey to fulfillment and joy. Through hope, confrontation, and open communication you will gain self-illuminating awareness. In its entirety you experience the Creator in evolution of global rhapsody in Communion with Itself. We are One with each other as Divine Wholeness.” – Rev. Cassandra Spencer, Co-Pastor, Inglewood Center for Spiritual Living

* “A timeless work of art, moving the soul with ambient, powerful and meditative music” – Anette Faringer – Sweden

“Tony Newton’s Summit Symphony brings you into a world of ever-changing textures and harmonic experiences. It has a meditative, almost hypnotic quality, and each movement pulls you into a different state of mind. After listening you feel refreshed. This is music that will always feel modern, relevant and unique. – Hans Adamson – Art Vista, Los Angeles, CA

“Once again, Newton is changing the laws of physics” Tony Newton’s Summit Symphony is uplifting, confrontive and ethereal. The feelings evoked are those of a successful session with an adept psychotherapist. Initially the upbeat melodies make you feel like you are in Mother Nature’s most relaxing forest. In the next movement, softening tones bring you closer to the Supreme Being followed yet by a 16th century parade in old England. After a transcendental journey through the remaining movements, the inner you is relieved, mellowed and your therapy session is successfully ended. Look out Mozart, Roll over Beethoven, here comes Antonio Newton. – Dr. Victor Negrete – Gardena, CA.

To actually listen and contemplate a musical work is a rare thing today. The Summit Symphony, as opposed to the fluff that’s out there, is a work that requires the ear’s attention – Lawrence Dixon “LD” Las Vegas, NV

Tony has been my friend ever since the first day I met him. He was already friends with my father (Dr. Beans Bowles) who introduced us. I thought that he was a young black genius when I met him. He thought of something and would make it come to life. He’s been a creator all of his life. To start with nothing and end up with a master piece sums up whom Tony is. Tony definitely has character with the go get-it-ness to conquer every obstacle that comes in his path. “Truly a positive and spiritual person.” – Dennis Bowles, Author-Musician-Producer , Detroit, MI.

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