Tony Newton

The entire Universe is made up of vibrating energies including spirit and matter or rather the seen and unseen. The science of physics as well as the world of spirituality agrees musical sound vibration contains a transcendental power to communicate and affect beyond actual physical and even mental matter. This ability and quality is the essence which allows it to communicate, instill and impact energy and power into the human world of self-empowerment.

Music empowerment is a great gift from our creator! It contains the ability to allow us to be attuned to our highest and greatest personal nature and self-potential. “To be all that we can be,” and to express, live and be our personal greatest potential, spiritualy, mentally and physically.

More specifically musical vibration is a catalyst to “shift our awareness” to a higher, more sensitive “state of being.” It is really a higher state of communication which opens us to new worlds of possibilities, to go beyong our limited thinking and to instill and tap into a deeper and wider level of consciousness and self-awareness. We can use this great musical power for inspiration, motivation, creativity, personal growth, goal achieving and much more!

I encourage all to experience as much music as possible in their life. Music is like food! don’t just enjoy a few selected dishes, but enjoy and explore the entire world of musical tasy flavor and enjoyment. Allow yourself new and exciting experiences to unknown possiblities and realms of joy, love and living. Use music in any way that you can: enjoyment, entertainment, exploration: to experience the many levels of life and sel-expression which are open to us all through the power of music.

I listen to all kinds of music because the more I listen to, the more I am empowered. Labels are something the music industry has placed on music styles and genre’s for marketing purposes. However music in the grand scale of things is much larger in it’s impact and ability to communicate both consciously and uncocsciously to open you to new dimensions of sound, music, creative expression and just the sound vibrations of life, loving and living.

“Music is not an escape for me, but a place of personal centering, balancing and self empowerment!” Newton

Below are some tips on how to use music empowerment to change your life for good!

· Self-Empowerment
· Change mood and emotions
· Change personal vibration
· Change mental state
· Motivate to higher levels of self-potential
· Transformational power to accellerate and unlock personal abilities
· Enhance thinking and mental powers
· Enhance self-transformation
· Enhance self-confidence and motivation
· Empower self-love
· Helps us with depression and relationships
· Helps us with fear and challenges
· Helps with self-doubt
· Upliftment and attunement of spirituality
· Enhances personal identity
· Helps with releasing the past and moving forward in life
· Helps with success motivation and goal achievment
· Enhances and promotes self-leadership and personal qualities
· Enhances and stimulates creativity
· A catalyst for life transformation
· Musical sound and vibration can facilitate internal personal healing on several levels

Please leave your comments on ways music has empowered & helped you in your life.